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Books Read in 2010

It’s been a busy reading year. My goal was to reach 100, but I’m about 25 short. I’m pretty happy with that. I didn’t read for most of April as I had major school commitments to take care of.  Oh, well.  There’s always next year!

My official count is 73. I know it doesn’t match the number of covers shown here, but I read Warchild twice and I consider the omnibus of A Confederation of Valor as 2. I don’t have reviews up for all of these, and I’m afraid it may stay that way. The covers that you can click on, however, will bring you to the review of that book. My favorites and disappointments are at the end of this post.

My Favorites:

I’m really excited to have come across the following books (and series). Favorite new series: Warchild, Wess’harr (City of Pearl), Shadows of the Apt, Kronos Chronicles, Old Man’s War, the Confederation Series, The Dark Age, Heroes of Olympus, Leviathan, and the Hungry City Chronicles. I love each and every one, and I can’t wait for new installments to be released. Awesome stand-alones are something I get really excited about. I don’t have to wait for another installment since everything is settled within the covers of that one book. Unwind, To Say Nothing of the Dog, Robots Have no Tails,The Alchemy of Stone, and The Corpse Wore Pasties were my favorite stand-alones this year. I have reviews for most of these up (or I should, anyway).

My Disappointments:

Most of these are on this list because I was expecting something other than what I got. I’m not trying to say these are horrible books, but they just weren’t what I thought I was getting myself into. Example: Earth Strike. I had no idea that this would be more hard sci-fi, than “soft” sci-fi, and this is even considered by others who have read Douglas’ other work to be significantly less “hard” sci-fi. It was all just over my head. Le sigh. Grimspace is another than threw a curveball at my expectations. I don’t remember reading any reviews that described this as a sci-fi romance. If I would have read that, then I probably would have stayed away from it. I’m really not a romance fan. The Passage was a gamble. I should know well enough to stay away from mass promoted material. After 100 pages I just couldn’t see what all the buzz was about, and I stopped in favor of reading something else. It doesn’t help that The Passage came on the heels of The Thief of Broken Toys. It’s more of a novella than a novel, and it just didn’t leave me satisfied at all after I had read it. I really wish it had been fleshed out into a full length novel because I think the story there was interesting, but there just wasn’t enough there for me to sink my teeth into.

A Look Ahead for 2011

I really want to try to do haul posts of books scored during the previous month and possibly a recap at the end of the month of books read, not necessarily only those reviewed. I guess it all really depends on whether I’ll be able to keep up with it or not. Hmm…I also plan on participating in the book clubs of Calico Reation, Dreams and Speculation, and Jawas Read, Too.


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