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Review: Angeldust Apocalypse by Jeremy Robert Johnson

Angel Dust Apocalypse Angeldust Apocalypse by Jeremy Robert Johnson

from the back of the book

Meth-heads, man-made monsters, and murderous Neo-Nazis. Blissed out club kids dying at the speed of sound. The un-dead and the very soon-to-be-dead. They’re all here, trying to claw their way free.
From the radioactive streets of a war-scarred future, where the nuclear bombs have become self-aware, to the fallow fields of Nebraska where the kids are mainlining lightning bugs, this is a world both alien and intensely human. This is a place where self-discovery involves scalpels and horse tranquilizers; where the doctors are more doped-up than the patients; where obsessive-compulsive acid-freaks have unlocked the gateway to God and can’t close the door.
This is not a safe place. You can turn back now, or you can head straight into the heart of…the Angel Dust Apocalypse.

My rating: 3 of 5 stars as a whole, but some stories were 4 star worthy, while others were only 2

Bookshelf: Yes, but might be removed in the next attempt to make more room

How I got it: Bought

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