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Hunting Party by Elizabeth Moon (Familias #1)


Heris Serrano–formerly a commander in the Regular Space Service–must take whatever job she can get after her resignation under a cloud. What she can get is the captaincy of a rich old lady’s space yacht…a rich old horsewoman, who has little liking for the military, and whose spoiled nephew Ronnie (and his equally spoiled friends) have been foisted on her after his folly embarrassed the family. Lady Cecelia’s only apparent interest is horses–she intends to go fox hunting on the private pleasure planet of a friend of hers, Lord Thornbuckle. But events conspire to make it far more than a fox hunt.


My Rating: 4 out of 5

Bookshelf: Yes

How I got it:

I enjoyed this one. Strong female characters? Yep. Mystery and intrigue? Yep. It’s not an “in your face” military sci-fi book, but it definitely has some strong military undertones, since Heris is still reacting to her resignation and reflects quite a bit on events then versus events now. Lady Cecelia is a feisty old lady, and I enjoyed seeing the nature of the interactions between Heris and Cecelia evolve as the book went on. I wasn’t too keen on all the information about horses and fox hunting, but I let it slide as being pertinent to the story and didn’t focus too much on it. Other than that, I flew threw this one and wound up going through the entire series within a few months. It’s not heavy, thought provoking reading. It’s fun action/adventure in space, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve noticed that a lot of my favorite series and characters tend to be strong female characters, but hey, what can I say. I guess I have a type.

If you enjoy a strong female cast, action, adventure, and mystery, you should definitely check this out. This is the first in a set of 7. Hunting Party is the first in a trilogy that focuses mainly on Heris and Lady Cecelia. This is followed by a trilogy featuring Esmay Suiza, who is introduced in the last of the Heris books. The last book of the series is Against the Odds which is the final culmination of all the political unrest, and shenanigans, and the militaristic implications of the different plots. This one doesn’t solely focus on one set of characters, but alternates around to the different storylines that have been introduced throughout all the previous books.