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God of Clocks by Alan Campbell (Deepgate Codex #3)


In the cataclysm of the battle of the gods, a portal to Hell has been opened, releasing legions of unnatural creatures that have pushed humanity to the edge of extinction. While warring deities clash with fallen angels, the only hope for mankind’s survival lies with the most unlikely heroes: Former assassin Rachel Hael has rejoined blood-magician Mina Greene and her little dog, Basilis, on one last desperate mission to save the world from the ravages of Hell. As Rachel travels to the final confrontation she has both sought and feared, she begins to realize that time itself is unraveling. And so she must prepare herself for a sacrifice that may claim her heart, her life, her soul—and even then it may not be enough.

My Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Bookshelf: No

How I got it: Bought

This one left me a bit disappointed. I’m not completely sure if it’s the story itself or the fact that there  was such a huge gap for me between reading Iron Angel and this one. It all just left me a little disappointed. I think only vaguely remembering what had happened in the previous book was quite a disadvantage because there were times while reading where I had no idea what was going on. Parallel universes and time travel didn’t exactly help with my confusion. I really enjoyed the first book, Scar Night, and I thought the second was a pretty nice follow up, if a little bit slower. This one, though, was my least favorite of the bunch. I didn’t get the feeling of satisfaction that I kind of expected to get with this being the final book of a series. Everyone doesn’t have to live happily ever after, but having spent time immersed in that world, and involved with the characters, I want to feel like everything’s wrapped up, or if not wrapped up explained enough to encourage speculation. I just felt lost. I have to take some of the blame for that, since as I said I may have waited too long between books to fully appreciate this last one, but I don’t think it’s totally on my head either.


Review: Iron Angel by Alan Campbell (Deepgate Codex #2)

Iron Angel by Alan Campbell   (Deepgate Codex #2)

From the back of the book

After a destructive battle, the ancient city of Deepgate has been overtaken.  Most of the chains that suspend it have given way, and the temple now dangles upside down above the once-uncharted abyss.  The victorious Spine have initiated martial law and are ruthlessly tempering all survivors.  But amid the turmoil, two captives are returned: the young angel Dill, now toughened by war, and traitor assassin Rachel Hael.  Incarcerated in the crumbling temple, the prisoners await their fate – while ghosts rise through the abyss from the open gates of Hell.  But as the city teeters on the brink, plans for vengeance are set in motion.  And in the coming battle between gods, it is the world of men that is at stake.

My Rating: 4 out of 5

Bookshelf: Yes

How I Got It: Bought

Don’t Click Here If You Haven’t Read Scar Night!!!

Review: Scar Night by Alan Campbell (Deepgate Codex #1)

Scar Night by Alan  Campbell   (Deepgate Codex #1)

From the back of the book

In the city of Deepgate, suspended by chains over a seemingly bottomless abyss, there are two angels: one, an untested boy, the last of his line; the other, a psychotic murderer mad for revenge – or redemption.  When one of the city’s own turns against its people, bringing enemies to its doorstep, both seek a powerful magic at the bottom of the chasm – and learn that what lies below is far more sinister than they’ve been taught to expect…

My Rating: 4 out of 5

Bookshelf: Yes

How I Got It: Bought

I’ll admit I was really confused at first.  The opening scene takes place years before the rest of the story, and I always find that confusing, especially since I’m not yet familiar with that world.  I stuck with it, and I’m glad I did.  I enjoyed the action, and suspense.  One of the characters is pegged as “a psychotic murderer” and rest assured some grisly scenes are included.  I liked most of the characters, but Dill is my favorite.  There were some interesting characteristics of the angels that were new (at least to me), and they added a lot to the story.  I’m not quite familiar with the mythology of angels, so I fear that some of the bigger story or references may have gone over my head.  That being said, I still went out and bought the next book as soon as I was finished with this one.  This could be considered Steampunk, but only just barely.  There’s the whole “city on chains” setting, and there are a few interesting machines, but not enough to be definitively classified as Steampunk.