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Wess’har Wars Series by Karen Traviss

The Wess’har Wars series feature Shan Franklin as the main protagonist, but there are quite a number of secondary supporting characters that have significant roles in the series. There are 6 books in the series, and the first is The City of Pearl. Shan Frankling, an Environmental Hazard Enforcement officer is sent on a mission with Marines and scientists to a distant planet. They arrive in the midst of the beginnings of a conflict between 3 different alien cultures who all have claims for the planet they arrived on. For a further synopsis read the back flap blurb in the review of The City of Pearl.

As a whole, I really enjoyed this series. It became one of my favorite places to visit, and I was sad to see it come to an end. For my review on the first in the series (City of Pearl), just click on the picture and voila! If you like your sci-fi with a heavy dose of alien culture and world building, this is definitely something to check out. It may also be of interest to readers that enjoy sci-fi with strong female characters, a strong military presence/mindset,  or are interested in possible environmental policy driven plots and subplots. If you’d like to read more, just click on the link under the pictures, and I promise I won’t get too spoilery. If you’re concerned that I may let something slip, just know that this was something different from the sci-fi I had read before, and I really enjoyed it. Check it out.

My Rating (series as a whole): 5 out of 5

My favorite books were City of Pearl (#1) and Crossing the Line (#2). They set up the story for the rest of the series, and I felt like they were very strong in terms of developing connections with characters and in communicating the worlds and cultures that the story takes place within. You’re rooting for someone by the end of the second book, but who that is will be up to you. I felt like Matriarch (#4) was the weakest in the series, but I’m not sure if that was the actual content of the book, or if it was because the book focused  heavily on 2 characters that I didn’t particularly care for. I couldn’t help but feel like I had to just get through this installment so I could move on to the next one and hope it featured more of my favorites. The World Before (#3) and Ally (#5) were good solid installments, and made me want to read the next in the series as soon as I could get a copy. The final installment, Judge (#6), I have mixed feelings about. The way it ended definitely felt like this was all there was going to be about these characters and these worlds. I can’t imagine what any followup installment could be about. I enjoyed that there was a conclusion, but I was a little disappointed with how fast it came about – maybe anti-climatic is a better word. The previous 5 books steadily built up the coming climax, but then when it finally came about, it was quick, and not what I was expecting. Maybe I’m weird, but I felt like it was rushed. Everything was pointing toward some wicked action and potentially awesome/awful scenarios, but I just felt like someone let the air out of my balloon in a big whoosh. Despite being a little disappointed in the conclusion of the series, I adored the first 2, and 2 of the others were pretty solid for me. So, in hindsight, I’m glad I read the series and as a whole it’s one of my favorites.


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